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Katie’s Kitchen Mantra

Katie’s kitchen mantra revolves around the Four ‘S’s’.


First, Savvy Shopping – 80% of good cooking is all about good shopping.  The art here is to try NOT to set out with a fixed list, but to ‘buy by eye’ according to what is on offer and what looks best on the day. Katie recommends always chatting to the sellers to find out what they advise too.


Second, Supporting locals.   Katie likes to know the provenance of every ingredient she uses and hence patronizes farmers’ markets, butchers, fishmongers and other local artisans in her quest for the best.  By supporting the real growers and producers rather than the supermarkets we know that what we are eating hasn’t been exposed to food miles nor sitting on shelves for weeks on end.   To find out more, see also and


Third. Seasonality.  To this end, she is passionate about living month by month in terms of when foods are at their natural best.  You won’t find her serving cherries at Christmas or asparagus in August.  The finest and freshest seasonal ingredients which sing of their true flavour will always take centre stage.  And she can be often to be found combing (and scrambling!) through hedgerows foraging for wild foods which feature regularly in her menus throughout the year.  













Fourth.  Simplicity.  The finer the ingredients, the less one needs to do to them.