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“This is a gem of a book for anyone wishing to throw even a modest supper party. Katie Dashwood's shows how to organise the menu and entertain in a stress-free elegant way. She isn't someone who throws money at the task either, preferring to scour country hedgerows for flora and fauna to decorate her table whilst recipes themselves also favour foraging for foods. Dash and Panache are worthy bylines for this thoroughly practical book which is also full of wit and humour. Have also been on one of her cooking courses which has improved my cooking by leaps and bounds.


Kate Dashwood is not from what I gather a professional chef and does not fall into the category of celebrity chefs or cooks, however despite the lack of formal kudos from other contemporises in this field of expertise I found this particular cookery book something rather refreshing.”


“Miss Dashwood gives sound advice on not only the types of food but the occasion with many interesting anecdotes about how some recipes came into being. What comes across is her love of cooking and passion for good food.


As you may have gathered by now I have sampled some of the recipes for myself there delicious and simple to make but will delight even the most critical of gourmet.


This book is no soggy soufflé, it won't let you down.”