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For me, this makes the perfect first course for a dinner party and is also ideal for a light lunch along with some warmed crusty bread.   Because it is such a simple assembly, make sure you source the best fruit, that your Mozarella cheese is the Buffalo variety and that the Parma Ham is also the finest.


3 X ripe peaches, skinned

2 Buffalo Mozarella  

4 – 5 slices Parma Ham

Salad leaves (I use a soft round lettuce)

Generous handful fresh basil leaves


French Dressing


Wonderfully quick to make and pleasing to the eye as well.  Simply strew the salad/lettuce leaves over the base of a large platter, slice the peaches and plop around on top, interspersed with torn bits of Mozarella and drape over the Parma ham, tearing each piece into two or three.  Dress lightly with the vinaigrette, season and scatter the basil leaves over the top.