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An excellent way of disguising pheasant and tasting quite different from most dried-up birds.  Good as a first course.


2 large clean – i.e. devoid of shot - pheasant breasts, skinned

2 tbsps plain flour

2 free range eggs, beaten

White breadcrumbs – approx 3 large slices bread, crusts removed

Olive oil and butter for sauteeing



Using a sharp knife, cut the meat into strips, trimming off any fatty bits, and dunk these first into the dish containing the flour which you have seasoned with salt and black pepper to dust lightly, next into the beaten eggs to which seasoning has been added and finally into the breadcrumbs to toss around until well coated.  Heat the olive oil and butter in a large frying pan and when hot, fry off the gougons until nicely browned all over and then blot on kitchen paper.


To serve, place the gougons on a bed of lightly dressed rocket leaves and hand round with either Aioli, Cumberland sauce or a fruit chutney.