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RHUBARB AND GINGER BEER JELLIES   (Serves 6 – comfortably)


This is great as a light pudding and delicious also with ice-cream such as orange, ginger or vanilla instead of the Marscapone cream.


500g/ 1 lb rhubarb stalks, cleaned and chopped into 2” pieces

Heaped tablespoon freshly grated and peeled root ginger

50g/ 2 oz caster sugar

1 X 135g (ordinary packet size) orange flavour jelly

1 tin Ginger beer – use a good brand not cheapest

Marscapone cheese

3 pieces preserved ginger


Put the rhubarb and sugar in a pan together with the ginger and cook gently for approx 15 mins until the fruit is soft.  It may disintegrate and looked a bit smashed but this doesn’t matter.


Whilst that is cooking, break the jelly into squares and put in a jug with 3 tbsp boiling water and leave to dissolve on the side of the Aga (or shove it in Microwave).  When melted top up to 500 fl oz with ginger beer.  Next, combine the liquid with the rhubarb and stir everything together then simply pour into pretty glasses.


Leave to cool then cover and refridgerate and set.


To serve, finely dice the preserved ginger and mix together with the Marscapone and hand round in a bowl.